Documentary · 80 minutes · Directed by Esther Anino 

This documentary film follows a group of youngsters defying their destiny in one of the most murderous cities in the world. 

How do you break the cycle of violence? How do you survive in the most murderous city in the world? What would you do in order to save your children? BLIND DEAF MUTE, is a story about violence, decadence, survival, empowerment, metamorphosis and love. It’s a story that takes place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, named for four years in a row, the most violent city in the world. BLIND DEAF MUTE, is an immersive journey into a beautiful bright sunny city surrounded by violence. A 90 minutes documentary film featuring human rights, violence, young people and social reconciliation issues. A film made for those who wonder what our due diligence is in our society; as an exercise of empathy and contrast that shows at a glance, the long-lasting consequences of organized crime, corruption, hence violence.

This film was developed in Campus Latino in collaboration with Documentary Campus, Goethe Institut, IFF Panamá, DocsMX, CRFIC, Dok.Fest and is currently part of the American Film Showcase, a program of the Department of State of United States, produced by USC School of Cinematic Arts with the support partnership of IDA, and SXSW.