In the middle of the global pandemic, within a month,
Honduras was hit by Hurricane ETA and IOTA

“Just two weeks after Hurricane Eta brought widespread flooding and forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, Honduras was battered by a second hurricane, leaving a level of destruction in its wake that rivals the worst natural disasters in the region’s history. The unprecedented double blow comes on top of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had already depleted government resources and left many people unemployed in one of the poorest countries in Latin America.” – By Jeff Ernst for The Guardian

In order to help Honduras recover, 100% OF THE REVENUE from renting and buying Olancho on Vimeo On Demand for the rest of 2020, will go to different relief funds in Honduras. By renting or buying You are helping Honduras to recover from hurricanes Eta & Iota.

When Manuel writes a song that makes a dangerous drug cartel angry, he is forced to flee his home in Honduras to go to the United States. From a radio cabin in North Carolina, he recounts his harsh escape from death and describes the challenges of assimilating into a new world as an undocumented immigrant.

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Manuel is a farmer from a rural village in the mountains of Eastern Honduras. He aspires to be a musician but quickly realizes his only patrons are the powerful drug bosses who terrorize his region. When a song he writes that angers a dangerous drug cartel, Manuel is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life; continue his quest for fame, or flee. Manuel comes from the most murderous country on earth. With a murder rate nearly 18 times higher than that of the U.S., it is no mystery as to why thousands of people are fleeing the country every month in search of safety and security. “Olancho” goes beyond the statistics, though, and offers a ground-level look at the struggle of Central American immigrants.

Chris Valdés

Ted Griswold

Olancho Movie LLC
& Tercer Piso

Esther Anino

Jeff Consiglio


Andrea Chignoli

Shlomo Godder

Chris Valdés
Ted Griswold

Stash Wyslouch

Modulus Studios



IndieWire Project of the Month -December-. U.S. (2014)

Hot Docs Forum. Canada (2015)

Big Sky Pitch. U.S. (2015)

NALIP Media Market. U.S. (2015)




LOLA Award

Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. U.S. (2017)

Best Feature

Nevada City Film Festival. U.S. (2017)

Special Jury Prize

New Orleans Film Festival. U.S. (2017)

Best Cinematography Award

Tulsa American Film Festival. U.S. (2017)

Best Film Award

In-Edit Int’l Music Documentary Film Festival. Chile (2018)





Viennale International Film Festival. Austria (2017)

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Costa Rica International Film Festival. Costa Rica (2017)

IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam. ‎Netherlands (2018)

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Big Sky International Documentary Film Festival. U.S. (2017)

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